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Research Study Into The Long Term Effectiveness of Male Family Violence Prevention Programs in Australia

This ambitious study is examining the results of behaviour change programs for violent men over the long term. These programs are believed to be one of the most effective ways of helping men to stop their violence but no large scale systematic study of them has ever been conducted in Australia.

Violence Free Families is raising the funds for this study and has commissioned Monash University to lead it. The researches are supported by a talented and diverse academic reference committee.

The first results are currently being analysed and the final outcomes will be published in mid 2016.

Why are we doing this study?

The need for more research into intervention programs has been recognised in the federal Government’s “National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women – Immediate Government Actions” Canberra, April 2009 and was further supported by a survey of agencies providing programs in 2012 by IBIS Research.

Who is doing the study?

The lead researchers are:

  • Professor Emeritus Thea Brown, former Professor of Social Work and Research Professor at Monash University, and
  • Dr Catherine Flynn, Senior Lecturer in Social Work at Monash University, with special responsibilities for honours studies.

They are supported by an academic reference committee that brings together a cross-section of members with a wide range of relevant skills and knowledge to provide significant input and advice. It includes:

  • three program managers from agencies located in participating states
  • a legal expert with human research ethics committee experience
  • a medical practitioner with special interest in family medicine
  • an agency chief executive
  • a professional manager with a research background.

The committee has also consulted international experts on forensic psychology and survey questionnaire design.

Ethical considerations

The study design has been examined in detail and cleared by the human resource ethics committees of Monash University, the Victorian Department of Justice and five agencies.

Web survey

As part of the study, we are inviting the opinions of partners and men with first hand experience of behaviour change programs, sometimes known as anger management programs. If you have such experience, please respond to the questionnaire. We would value your views and you would be helping families with difficulties in the future.

Further information

Further information may be requested by contacting us.

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Violence Free Families works for the elimination of all forms of family violence. We believe that Research, Innovation and Education can help improve the lives of vulnerable children and women, and help curb the incidence of family violence.