The Family Violence Prevention Foundation of Australia

Why Support Research

We now know that family violence is the greatest cause of social dislocation, isolation, ill-health and psychological pain in our communities.

Yet it is often concealed, minimised or ignored.

It kills, maims and psychologically damages more people than any medical complaint or other crime.

Research is required to advance our understanding of generational family violence, how it comes about, underlying causes and, why as a society, we have been prepared to turn a blind eye to this.

Although awareness of family violence has increased enormously over the last 15 years, family violence prevention itself has advanced slowly and incidents of family violence remain high.

Violence Free Families believes that research, and associated innovation in the area of prevention, is the cornerstone of designing interventions that work early in the family system and the lives of vulnerable children.

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Violence Free Families works for the elimination of all forms of family violence. We believe that Research, Innovation and Education can help improve the lives of vulnerable children and women, and help curb the incidence of family violence.