The Family Violence Prevention Foundation of Australia

Behaviour Change Survey

PARTNERS and former partners of men who are attending or have attended a men’s behaviour change program: the violence free families and Monash longitudinal study on men’s behaviour change programs.

Please help us with feedback on your views and experiences of a partner or former partner who has or who is attending a men’s behaviour change program.

We really want your point of view and are happy to pay $50 for a telephone interview of 15-20 minutes asking you about the impact of this program on you and your children and also what help was or was not valuable for you.

If you are prepared to join the study click on the link below and leave your telephone number and a social work interviewer will contact you in the strictest of confidence.

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Violence Free Families works for the elimination of all forms of family violence. We believe that Research, Innovation and Education can help improve the lives of vulnerable children and women, and help curb the incidence of family violence.