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Progress Report for the Half Year to 31 December 2015

In the past six months, significant milestones were passed on our two major projects and we enjoyed the continued warm and enthusiastic support of our Ambassador Colleen Hewett and her manager, Danny Finley, as well as that of several major donors and many smaller ones.

The Online Men’s Behavior Change Program

Following the excellent evaluation report by the University of Melbourne, we signed a contract with On the Line Australia for the provision of the first regular online men’s behaviour change program, to commence in February, 2016.

This has required a revision of program documentation, assisting OTL with systems for implementation and OTL staff training.

At the same time, we are seeking registration of the program in NSW and the extensive documentation required for this process is well advanced.


Data collection for our research study into the long term results of conventional men’s behaviour change programs was completed and analysis and documentation is in progress. Publication of results and two seminars for professionals are planned for the next half year.

Fund Raising and Community Relations

Colleen Hewett and some outstanding performers gave a concert in October to a near-capacity audience in the new Bendigo Ulumbarra Theatre and generously donated part of the proceeds to VFF.

Our programs could not have continued without the generous support of several philanthropic trusts and we are most grateful to them.

We welcomed the continuing official recognition of our program by Rotary, and our information stand at the annual Australia-New Zealand Rotary Zone Institute Meeting in Sydney was very well-patronised. Members of Violence Free Families addressed many clubs and organisations in the half-year period, spreading awareness of family violence and our contribution to prevention.


The Board was delighted to welcome new Director Gabe Hau in November and his contributions have already been of great value.

Dr David Smyth


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Violence Free Families works for the elimination of all forms of family violence. We believe that Research, Innovation and Education can help improve the lives of vulnerable children and women, and help curb the incidence of family violence.