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National Study On Filicide

The Monash Filicide Research Project (led by Professor Thea Brown and Dr. Danielle Tyson) has just received funding from the Criminology Research Grants Scheme for the first Australian National Study on Filicide.  The study will be conducted in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Criminology.

It has been estimated that some 25 or so children are killed by a parent or equivalent guardian in a tragic act of family violence in Australia each year.

The study, retrospectively examining 12 years of filicide deaths, will be the first to provide accurate information on incidence; it will investigate the extent to which the Monash Project’s Victorian study findings on causes and risks are the same in all states and territories of Australia.   The study will examine potential intervention and prevention for all levels of government.   It will commence in early – 2015 and finish in mid – 2016.

(Professor) Thea Brown, 18/12/2014

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