The Family Violence Prevention Foundation of Australia

What Is Family Violence?

Family violence is any type of abusive or violent behaviour in a family or relationship where one person attempts to gain and maintain control over the other. It can take many forms including physical violence, sexual assault, emotional abuse or social or financial control. Abuse does not have to be physical or sexual to be considered family violence.

Family violence can happen in all types of relationships: gay, lesbian or heterosexual; monogamous, during dating, in new relationships or long-term; live-in or not.

Family violence happens across all communities, social classes, ages, cultural backgrounds and geographical areas. VFF does not believe that family violence or abuse can be excused for cultural or religious reasons.

Violence Free Families works for the elimination of all forms of family violence. We believe that Research, Innovation and Education can help improve the lives of vulnerable children and women, and help curb the incidence of family violence.