The Family Violence Prevention Foundation of Australia

Ethical Standards

Statement of Ethical Principles

Violence Free Families is a not-for-profit charity having as its objective the prevention of all forms of family violence.

Violence Free Families was founded in 2009. Its main work to date includes research in programs aimed at addressing family violence, development of new programs to reduce family violence and the provision of such programs to the community.

This statement outlines the principles upon which Violence Free Families (VFF) conducts itself.

1. Mission

Our mission is to prevent all forms of family violence:

  1. regardless of the gender or age of the victims or perpetrators or the relationship between the two and
  2. for the primary benefit of the victims of family violence

2. Legal Compliance

  1. VFF should comply with all applicable laws, regulations and international conventions.

3. Standards of behaviour

In our dealings with any person or organisation, VFF’s board members, staff and volunteers should demonstrate:

  1. honesty, integrity, loyalty and trustworthiness
  2. courtesy and respect for others’ rights, autonomy, privacy, dignity, reputation
  3. care for others, including compassion, consideration, kindness, giving and sharing
  4. fairness and justice by acting impartially, consistently, equitably and with due process.

4. Code of Conduct

VFF’s board members, staff and volunteers are expected to:

  1. at the earliest opportunity, declare and/or otherwise mitigate the effects of any potential, real or perceived conflicts of interest
  2. respect and maintain the confidentiality of others
  3. not be deceptive when dealing with another person
  4. prevent and/or report corrupt behaviour or other serious misconducts
  5. report bribery or other illegal conducts
  6. reject improper influences
  7. refuse or declare gifts or benefits from stakeholders.

5. Accountability and Transparency

VFF’s board members, staff and volunteers are expected to support the following principles:

  1. VFF commits to spending a reasonable percentage of its funds in pursuance of its mission.
  2. VFF commits to accurate reporting of its financial position in all material respects.
  3. VFF is accountable to its supporters, its members, its staff and directors and they are accountable to each other.
  4. VFF commits to be transparent, accurate and timely in any communications with the public through its website, social media, printed material or other means.

6. Quality of programs

Any programs, projects, research or other specialist activities of VFF should:

  1. be conducted by professionals or other qualified person with the skills and ethical standards appropriate for those activities, and
  2. be focused on the desired outcomes for the victims of family violence and perpetrators.

7. Program Development

  1. For any programs conducted or overseen by VFF, it commits to incorporating mechanisms to:
    1. review program effectiveness and
    2. identify opportunities to improve future programs.
  2. VFF is also committed to:
    1. collaborating with other organisations to further its mission and
    2. improving its programs to promote their use and reach.


Authorised by the Board on 14 August 2018

Violence Free Families works for the elimination of all forms of family violence. We believe that Research, Innovation and Education can help improve the lives of vulnerable children and women, and help curb the incidence of family violence.